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2023 Industry Trend Predictions

Unlike the planes on last Wednesday’s FAA total ground stop, 2022 FLEW right on by us. With 2023 starting up full speed ahead, we have been researching and gathering experienced industry professionals’ opinions on what trends they think we’ll see. We think this blog will benefit your upcoming foodservice project solution decisions.

10 Trends You DO NOT Want to Miss for 2023

1. Electric Slide.

You’ve seen it before, and it’s most definitely not going anywhere: Electric Kitchens. This ‘trend’ should be labeled more as a slide … or shift, in the industry, as we are seeing laws made that cater to this greener option. See here for specifics.

2. Smaller Footprints.

We’re seeing clients opt for a smaller, more efficient kitchen footprint, with higher end finishes. If you’re trying to achieve this, some equipment we would recommend include the iVario Pro, combi oven, and other ventless equipment.

3. Reduced labor model.

The labor market has been a challenge for many industries, including our own since 2020. We’re continuing to see a shift for less labor, decreasing cost, and increasing efficiency. Robots, mobile ordering, kitchen concierge, and mobile pickup are a few of the ways we are seeing this model be adopted in the field.

4. Mobile orders and Pickup.

It’s 2023. Nearly all major operators have made the change to this style system now. This includes incorporating technology like order kiosks, pickup locations incorporated into kitchen design, and mobile apps.

5. Sometimes more is more.

The micromarket concept isn’t new, but what’s new and exciting however, is we are predicting with many corporations opting for a hybrid model that may feature a concept like a flex station or barista bar. This more robust micromarket is not only more cost effective, but also helps in overall operation. This is seen in partner with the reduction of café footprint, as it calls for more option in satellite locations.

6. Sustainability is here to stay. Clients are opting for energy star, equipment efficiencies (gas vs. electric), updated refrigerants, more eco-friendly finishes, bringing in the outdoors and more. You’re in luck because our team keeps tabs on the latest and greatest, delivering solutions that will make you and the Earth happy.

7. Customer Experience.

We observed operators taking a more tailored approach, catering to specific needs to each client. In doing so, they are curating amenities alongside foodservice. Companies are trying to get people to come back into the office, thus, amenities are becoming the norm. We are seeing gyms, day cares, lounge spaces and other conveniences becoming more prominent.

8. Nooks and crannies.

Stylistic shifts in design are always churning. This year especially we predict a notable one will be incorporation of nooks. See here for some of our interior designers take on the 2022 NEOCON convention in Chicago. Nooks seem to be a common theme among the industry, offering a private space to work in a no-so private place.

9. Textured walls.

Yes, we know putting textured materials above equipment would result is a disaster (think cleaning divots with a toothbrush… *shudders*). That being said, note that your dining areas are calling for textures, and we must answer! The stylistic dining choice offers change in ambience to a space, adding different layers, and perspectives to the experiences.

10. Warming up.

Maybe it's timing as winter will soon turn to spring but our designers, as well as, are predicting a shift from cooler gray tones, to warmer, more inviting themes in design.

Stay tuned for more industry trends, company happenings, and foodservice design solution information! If you find any of this interesting, or would like to work with us on your next project, do not hesitate to reach out to us at our New York Headquarters for any questions. We love what we do, and so

will you!

And most importantly: Happy New Year!


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