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Hot is the New Cold - EVEREO® by Unox “The Hot Fridge”

Following the pandemic, TD Marketing’s first opportunity to travel as a team in 2021 was a training visit to the North Carolina Headquarters of Unox. On this trip we were introduced to EVEREO®, by Chef Alessio and President Mark Klindera. We were blown away by the technology and it was the topic of conversation for much of the trip. Our team was aware of this unique Unox offering, which won the Kitchen Innovation award in 2020, but we finally had a chance to see what it could do. During our training trip we prepared, in the Unox Combi ovens, lunch for the following day. Sealed in the trays and 24 hours later we removed it from the EVEREO® and enjoyed a delicious meal of lasagna, rice and meatballs in sauce. The vegetables were prepared earlier in the day and were held in open trays for 4 hours before we enjoyed them with our lunch.

The secret to the food remaining fresh is the EVEREO®. Sometimes called “The Hot Fridge,” this revolutionary equipment holds food at an incredibly even temperature ready to eat. It is computer-controlled and holds the set temperature with (+/- 0.5°) of variance. Independent laboratory testing in Europe and Australia consistently proves that the technology ensures flawless microbiological safety, while creating unrivalled preservation of food quality, and delivering superior savings in the areas of time, energy, and labor.

When describing the ways of using the EVEREO® let’s start with the most unique and impressive. In combination with the Kitchen Innovation 2021 Award winning MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, the only device capable of vacuuming hot food, and the MULTI.Day Trays, you can hold food at service temperature for 72 hours. This patented combination of the MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum and MULTI.Day Trays also allows the transport of the food without contamination or spilling. Order, plate, and serve in 2 mins.

“In a nutshell, the food inside the new “hot fridge” stays at the ideal temperature for service, so you don’t need to heat it up in any way. This allows you to serve your customers quickly without the kitchen getting in the weeds.” (serve as a large quote)

EVEREO® can also be used as a super holding cabinet, holding food for up to 8 hours in open trays. You select the “holding mode” from the control panel and EVEREO® will automatically set the temperature and humidity level that is best suited to your food. Its colorful display is an intuitive and powerful tool. Even new members of staff can quickly learn how to use the controller without knowing the details of Service Temperature Preservation. Security is provided by setting up PIN codes so that only authorized employees can remove food.

This is all based in the Service Temperature Food Preserving Science. EVEREO® keeps the food above 145 degrees. This never allows the food to pass through the Bacterial Growth Range that cold food storage passes through twice as it goes from chilling to freezing and from thawing to regeneration. Using a combination of extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere controls, what EVEREO® provides is zero regeneration and zero serving time. The result is a clear improvement in the quality of held food, which keeps its nutritional values intact with a perfectly consistent temperature and preserves microbiological safety by completely preventing bacterial growth.

Restaurants, bars, franchises, catering, hotels are all benefiting from this paradigm shift in food storage. Rich Rosendale, CMC, winner of the 2013 Bocuse d’Or contest in France, says “The EVEREO® hot fridge is a revolutionary new tool in the kitchen that gives Rosendale Collective the ability to preserve and hold our chef-prepared meals at optimal temperatures with precise atmosphere control. This is a game changer for kitchens everywhere, from Michelin-rated chefs to barbecue restaurants.”

Jo Cleary from Dining Experience Specialists sums it up perfectly. “This is a game changer for anyone preparing and serving food, from a stand-alone café to a massive institution. Revolutionary thinking that turns all staff into a Master Chef, frees up capital, maximizes capacity, reduces labor, energy, and waste, and will consistently delight your fussiest eaters.”

TD Marketing is excited to work with Unox in educating consumers about this revolutionary product.


Kitchen Innovation Award Evereo 2020 Kitchen Innovation Award MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum 2021 FCSI Finalist The Americas Innovation Showcase Finalist Evereo 2020 Smart Label Evereo 2019 Gold Winner Commercial Kitchen Show Evereo 2019


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