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Deck Your Halls: Elevate Your Interior Design with Stunning Holiday Decor Color Schemes

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by infusing your interior design with captivating holiday decor color schemes? Whether you're aiming for a traditional ambiance or a more contemporary feel, the right color palette can transform your space into a winter wonderland. Let's explore some inspiring color combinations to elevate your holiday decor whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or just love the season.

Classic red and green timeless holiday decor from One Kindesign.

Classic Red and Green: Timeless Tradition

Both Christmas and Kwanzaa embrace the timeless charm of the season with the classic combination of red and green. Rich reds bring warmth, while deep greens evoke the spirit of evergreen trees. This pairing works exceptionally well with traditional and rustic interiors, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Classic red and green decor can also work for Kwanzaa, according to Tasting Table.

According to Tasting Table, Kwanzaa is a very spiritual and tradition-rich holiday and has structure to the way the tables and room are decorated for the week-long celebration. This includes six red and green candles and one black candle.

Silver and White Elegance: A Chic Winter Wonderland

For a sophisticated and chic look, consider a palette of silver and white. This combination brings a touch of elegance to any space, mimicking the glistening snow outdoors. If you celebrate Christmas, incorporate silver ornaments, white faux fur accents, and shimmering lights for a glamorous and modern holiday vibe. If ornaments aren’t your thing, silver snowflake décor will have the same affect.

Jamie Geller from Joy of Kosher shares step by step instructions in the video below on creating a winter wonderland Hanukkah tablescape. Don’t celebrate Hanukkah? Instead of creating a menorah with the candles, scatter them around the table for a raised centerpiece.

Gold and Navy: Modern Opulence

Step into a world of modern opulence by combining gold and navy. The deep, luxurious tones of navy complement the richness of gold, creating a palette that exudes sophistication. This pairing works well in contemporary settings, adding a touch of glamour and a hint of drama to your holiday decor.

Something I love about this decor is that it works well for multiple holidays. The pictures I chose to share illustrate the color palette being used for Christmas, Hanukkah and accents like food and wrapping details that can work for either. Who doesn't love a good macaron!?

Natural Neutrals: Understated Elegance

For a more understated yet elegant approach, opt for a neutral palette inspired by nature. Soft whites, muted greens, and subtle browns create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. Add natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and burlap to enhance the organic feel of your holiday decor.

This monochromatic decor features blush pink for Christmas. Image from Hike n Dip.

Monochromatic Magic: Focus on a Single Hue

Choose a single color and create a monochromatic theme for a visually striking effect. Whether it's shades of blue, green, or even blush pink, this approach can be both contemporary and visually impactful. Mix different textures within the chosen color to add depth and interest to your decor.

Metallic Mix: Shimmer and Shine

Mixing metallics like this Better Homes and Gardens image did in a Kwanzaa tablescape feature is sure to achieve a festive effect.

Combine metallic tones like gold, silver, and copper for a dazzling and eclectic holiday display. Metallics bring a touch of glamour and playfulness to your decor. Consider incorporating metallic ornaments, candle holders, and decorative accents to achieve a festive and sparkling effect.


Tips for Coordinating Holiday Decor Color Schemes

Consider Existing Decor: Harmonize your holiday color scheme with your existing decor to maintain a cohesive look throughout your home.

Layer Textures: Combine different textures to add depth and interest to your holiday decor. Think velvet, faux fur, and metallic finishes.

Balance Bold and Subtle Elements: Achieve a balanced look by incorporating both bold, eye-catching elements and subtle, understated details.

Personalize with Accents: Infuse your personality into the decor with personalized accents, such as family heirlooms, handmade ornaments, or sentimental decorations.

Soft whites, muted greens, subtle browns  and natural elements like pinecones, create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere.

As you embark on your holiday decor journey, let these color schemes be your guide to creating a festive and visually captivating interior. Whether you prefer the traditional warmth of red and green or the modern allure of metallics, the right color palette can make your holiday decor truly magical.

While my house is already decorated for this year, I'm already thinking about 2024 (hello clearance sales!) ... and that neutral look with pinecones might be calling my name! This image on the right can definitely be used for inspiration. On that note, happy decorating and whatever you’re celebrating this season, from the entire elite|studio e team, happy holidays!


Alexa Astacio, a Project Designer with a focus on interior design, has been part of elite|studio e for more than two years. Previously, she was a junior designer at nearby interior design firm. Alexa loves decorating for the holidays at home, the office ... and year round for all of life's celebrations!


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