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BDNY Recap with Some of our Favorite Picks

Interior Designers from elite|studio e share their favorite picks from BDNY.

From furnishings to fittings, tile to textiles, last week's Boutique Design New York (BDNY) showcased global creativity across all product sectors. The show brings together designers, architects, purchasing agents, hoteliers, owners, and developers with manufacturers from around the world in the fields of interior design and hospitality.

Held each year at the Jacobs Javits Center, we take full advantage of the show ... its just a 40 minute train away from elite|studio e's HQ!

Before some of our Project Designers (pictured above, from left: Juliana, Kassi and Natalie) headed to NYC, I asked them each some questions so we could share the answer with all of you. Below are their responses as well as some of their favorite picks from the day. We hope you enjoy are BDNY Recap!



Senior Project Designer

You have been attending BDNY for several years, what would you tell someone who is attending their first show?

First thing I would say is to plan ahead, check the website to see what vendors are attending. If the information is available, check to see where their booth is located. That way when you arrive you have your key vendors you want to make sure you stop by to check out. BDNY is huge, so it can be overwhelming without a plan. But, when you are there, I say try to go to as many booths as possible, but not take too much time so you can be sure to get to everything you wanted to!

What did you see that you’d be likely to include in a project and why?

The Garden on the Wall  was a BDNY favorite pick.

There was a specific living wall company that stuck out to me called Garden on the Wall. They make really cool creations with natural preserved plants that make the living wall more of an art piece than just putting greenery on the wall. They can take an idea and create a beautiful landscape with it which can tell a story. So I really love that idea and would like to put that concept into a project in the future.

Senior Project Designer Natalie Yorey


Senior Project Designer

What was the most innovative item you saw this year?

The most innovative piece that I was able to see at BDNY this year was actually a Sleek Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Something that many people believe is an afterthought, this company came up with a way to showcase something very bulky and dull, into an elegant modern piece of equipment. This hand sanitizer can be placed into the wall, customized to any style/branding the client may need, plus can be controlled from your phone. It will let you know when something is wrong the second it happens. Vaask took something that is tried and true, but now has an elevated and updated look is awesome! I will be incorporating these into many of my projects!

See below for how Vaask has been creatively incorporated into other spaces.

What did you see at BDNY that you’d be likely to include in a project and why?

This year the showroom had a lot of different types of furniture with vibrant colors, modular abilities, and customizations without a long lead time. That last one was an awesome thing to see and hear! Being involved with a lot of higher education projects, I believe I will be able to find the perfect spot to use some of these furnishings both inside and out!

Juliana Maniscalco is our newest Project Designer.


Project Designer

This is your first time at BDNY, what was your biggest takeaway?

My biggest takeaway from the show was seeing the variety of what each vendor has to offer. Some had new, exciting pieces that I’ve never seen anything like, and some had pieces that I’ve seen at other trade shows in the past. It was most interesting for me to see many creative tile applications that I hope to use on future projects here at elite|studio e.

What did you see at BDNY that you’d be likely to include in a project and why?

I’d be likely to use some of the companies we saw to specify tiles, especially one company called Audrey Lane. Their custom design tool seems really helpful in visualizing patterns and varying finishes in tiles.

Note: Audrey Lane's Brick & Brush is a BDNY Architectural Material's finalist. See reel of its exhibit on right.

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